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Homemade Compelling Programs

Aligning inspiration,

business objectives and

pushing visuals into simple

and memorable experiences.

Brand Blueprints
Concept Consulting
Creative Writing
Brand Books 
Art Direction
Customized Calligraphy
Print Collateral 
Personalized Notecards
Event Invitations
Logo Design 
Idea Immersion
Sustainable Relations
Website Concept Development



MAYSEA  Studio specializes in refining identities and brand alignment for growth companies, cooperatives, creative entrepreneurs and thinkers. We work with businesses that are rooted in the truths of their products and/or services.


And when we create, we give back. 

We are changing the way companies interact with the world. 

MAYSEA Studio bridges the gap of a traditional creative 'agency' by enforcing innovative and ethical balances as the driving force to produce authentic brands that engage audiences with powerful expression and a push for impact. 


Through this infusion, we are able to purposefully shape identities of enduring value while pulsating with attention for detail.

The world is on the forefront to creating

organizations with a strong homage to humanity, we are here to support.  



While we are creating awareness for profit organizations and businesses, we also choose to utilize those efforts to give back the same time invested. 

The Timeless Giving program is designed on the basis of sustainable creativity. It is what we like to call it and invite you to also join us. 

Brands thrive on the ability to be understood.

Humans do too. We know that.

This is why our ultimate goal is to create across borders and boundaries for those doing inspiring work. With a portion of all projects, we are able to build awareness for several organizations in developing countries, including our own. 

Everyday our mission is to produce authentic content with an eccentric innovation and aim for social change. We live by the notion that we are not only meant to be creative and committed, but also authentic and mindful.

The nucleus of our philosophy lives at the intersection of clarity and intention.


We practice conscious business as our foundation for to produce sustainable brands. 

We build powerful designs as an opportunity to be able to give back and create change.

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