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Once a resident,

always a resident.

La Postina 

Albergo Posta Marcucci

Hotel La Perla

ACS Data Systems

Villa al Sole


Greta Grace

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MAYSEA Studio was born in a kaleidoscope

of imagination, purity and artistry.


A collaborative atmosphere where ideas

form a peculiar freshness that translate

into exotic identities.

Our values are founded in experience, 

quality, a good story and a drive for impact.

We thrive in environments where

expressive concepts develop from

the core of passion.

Where visions unfold into unique stories.

Where undecorated ideas grow into

telltale extraordinary brands.

We thank our clients for trusting us

on their transformative journey. 


The Natives 

A team of

nonlinear craftsman

word artists,

wild visionaries, 

human activists.




Victoria writes. To be more specific, she is a multi-genre writer specializing in building brand identities, a content creator with an itch for human-centered missions,

a non-fiction prose scribbler and word artist rambling somewhere around the world.

Victoria writes in superlatives - translating ideas and thoughts into rhythmic expressions. Her storytelling is rooted with having spent time in the field of developing countries alongside having worked with organizations in activation-based marketing efforts, bringing ideas with a higher purpose to life. 

Author at Unthink

Doing Human Stuff MAYSEA Movement




Lisa is a visual artist from Italy. She leads the art of giving form to ideas in a hand-crafted, harmonious and skillful manner. Experimental and expansional calligraphy with Lisa brings thoughts to life with humanity at the core of it all. Having spent time in Uganda, Nicaragua and honoring six languages, her creativity is rooted in the presence of being and togetherness. From pen and ink on paper into custom and personalized digital work and invitations, Lisa's one-on-one approach with clients is a transformative experience producing artistic and authentic content. 

Storyteller now:here

Doing Human Stuff MAYSEA Movement

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